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SPORTS UNDERWEAR with Sports Boost Technology

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Underwear with integrated - NEW SPORTS BOOSTER TECHNOLOGY - supports with perfect hold at every sport activity

Kelson Pant with SPORT SUPPORT

Art No. M7G053 BE


Art No M7G025 BE

Ocean Force Swimwear with Jockstrap

Art No M7G1007 SW

Mark7Gear for Sports

Good underwear is essential for men who want to enjoy sports and stay comfortable. Here are some features that make good underwear for sports:

Freedom of movement: Good underwear should not restrict the natural movements of the body, but rather allow flexibility and agility. It should also prevent chafing and irritation by reducing friction and providing a smooth fit.

Sports Support-Technology: Good underwear should provide adequate support and protection for the genitals, especially during high-impact activities. It should also prevent bouncing and sagging by using elastic and durable materials.

Breathable-active: Good underwear should keep the skin dry and cool by allowing air circulation and moisture wicking. It should also prevent odors and infections by using antibacterial and anti-fungal fabrics.

Masculine appearance: Good underwear should enhance the masculine silhouette and confidence by providing a flattering and stylish design. It should also offer a variety of colors to suit different preferences and occasions.

These features are important for good underwear because they ensure comfort, performance, hygiene, and aesthetics for men who love sports. Good underwear can make a difference in the quality of life and well-being of men.

A good start to the day begins with a shower and putting on a fresh pair of premium quality underwear, for example from

Why is that? Being well dressed can boost self-confidence because it affects how you perceive yourself and others. Clothing is not only a practical necessity, but also a form of self-expression and communication. By choosing underwear and clothing, one can express one's personality, mood, goals, and values. In addition, clothing can be used to create a certain impression that can influence the reactions and behavior of others.