PARTZ - white - Trunk (Pant) with BOOST ENGENEERING

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Trunk (Pant) - young trendy panty with cool wide logo waistband and color accents front. Breathable, slim fit. Comfortable for sports. 

Trunk (Pant) - cool, young white pant with perfect designed interface and a subtle colour accent front.Blue wide M7G waistband logo. Trendy, sporty and masculine with best comfort and top quality in materials and finishing.
Thanks to a perfect fit, freedom of movement. Great combination of materials (cotton and elastane). Slim fit, very comfortable for sports.


Showes the package bigger - without padding. 

Material : 92% cotton, 8% elastane

Made in Europe





  size             equals size          waistband in cm

   XS                       3                            76-81

   S                         4                            80-85

   M                        5                            86-91

   L                         6                            92-97

   XL                       7                            98-103

   XXL                     8                            104-109



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