VIDAR - black - Trunk (Pant)

VIDAR - black - Trunk (Pant)

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Trunk (Pant) - You'll never go wrong by choosing black. Every man looks good in black underwear. Modern, fashionable pant with white accent and modern logo waistband. This Pant is athletic, elegant and super convenient. You feel comfortable
throughout the day.

MATERIAL: 92% cottom, 8% elastane

Made in Europe

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Pant_VIDAR_M7G028_2_J          Pant_VIDAR_M7G028_1_J                 Pant_VIDAR_M7G28_BE_TIPP


size table

size           equals size       waistband in cm

   XS                       3                            76-81

   S                         4                            80-85

   M                        5                            86-91

   L                         6                            92-97

   XL                       7                            98-103

   XXL                     8                            104-109



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