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The Get to Know Mix - 2 Pants, 1 Brief from Mark7Gear. Experience the quality and the sporty wearing comfort.

2 Pants, 1 Brief - The most popular top sellers in a 3-pack MIX with two SPORTS BOOST TECHNOLOGY Pants Energy (blue), Pant Vidar (black) and one SPORTS BOOST TECHNOLOGY Brief City (white) each. The Triple Pack MIX saves 22,20 Euro.

Men's pants and briefs with integrated, NEW SPORTS BOOST TECHNOLOGY. Supports with perfect hold during every sports activity and offers a BETTER SPORTS PERFORMANCE. Also ideal for everyday wear, nothing pinches or twinges.

By the way, thanks to its ingenious design, the Mark7Gear underwear gives an OPTICALLY LARGER MALE FRONT. The front shows bigger and more masculine than what you already have.

The PERFECT SPORT SUPPORT UNDERWEAR supports every movement, 360 degrees of freedom of movement.

Whether it's football, tennis, cycling, jogging, or the gym, this pant provides optimal support wherever movement is important in sports. They also make you look masculine and sexy. The athleticism and masculine fit make all the difference.

An athletic booster that professional athletes use enthusiastically. Even during the most extreme activity, the masculine package is kept comfortable and secure.

- Extremely masculine

- Strong look

- Optimal support during sports

- Ultra comfortable

- Freedom of movement

- Superior quality

- Athletic Fit

The design and Sports Boost Technology give (WITHOUT PADDING) an enlarged, masculine front view and make every man even more efficient during sports.

Breathable, with no increased sweating, no chafing, and no pack sticking to the upper leg, you too will benefit from this M7G Pant, just like the top and elite athletes. Modern, classic pants with subtle color accent and Mark7Gear logo waistband. This pant is sporty, elegant, and super comfortable. Sustainable - thanks to selected premium quality. Color and shape remain intact even after many washes.

Thanks to the skin-friendly material composition of cotton and elastane, this underwear is super comfortable to wear, so you will choose these pants every day.

Functionality, design, wearing comfort, and durability are guaranteed with this high-end product. Once experienced, you won't want to do without them for sports and everyday life and the masculine look. Indispensable for sports, comfortable for everyday wear.


white/black briefs/pants 92% cotton, 8% elastane -

blue pant: Fine rip, 96% cotton, 4% elastane.

Made in Europe

Size chart

Size Waist size in cm

S 4 80-85

M 5 86-91

L 6 92-97

XL 7 98-103

XXL 8 104-109